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Pridnestrovie Foreign Minister will sign new deals only if Moldova will keep them

If Moldova can't keep its earlier signed agreement then there is no point in signing any new ones. That is the opinion of Pridnestrovie's Foreign Minister,…


OSCE-head in Tiraspol for talks with Transdniestria"s President, Foreign Minister

OSCE chairman-in-office Ilkka Kanerva visited Transdniestria on Thursday for official talks with the unrecognized country's government. In Tiraspol, he met with President Igor Smirnov, Foreign Minister…


Президент Приднестровья

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The Ministry of Education of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

The Ministry of Education comprises 12 boards (8 principal boards) and 12 departments.
Main directions of activity are:
- ensuring and protection of rights of citizens of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic to education, creative and cultural activities;
- implementation of a common state policy in the field of pre-school, secondary, vocational, special, higher and adult education;
- providing state guarantees and making favourable conditions for preservation and promotion the progress in cultures of all ethnic groups and interaction with representatives of different religion groups.
Principal boards of secondary and vocational education, policy for the youth are engaged in elaboration of a state policy in the system of education, children’s and youth’s movements. Their activity is based on modern pedagogic management. They are headed by first deputy minister V.A. Gello.
The principal board of state accreditation, attestation of the personnel and personnel policy is headed by deputy minister V.G. Surinov. Specialists deal with problems of state attestation of educational institutions, licensing their functioning; state accreditation of institutions of public education; formation of a data bank on attestation of teachers; control over taking measures of labour protection in public educational institutions.
Problems of promotion of professional and amateur arts of the republic, physical training and sports are within the competence of boards headed by deputy minister A.I. Kriminsky.
Every board discharges its own functions, but they complement one another and create a busy atmosphere of the Department. The administrative board control the conformity of the activity of the Ministry to the law. The Ministry functions and makes progress. There are many objectives: to teach our children think, give them opportunity to become strong, healthy and clever; to support and render assistance to teachers.

Structure of the Ministry of Education
I. Governing body
II. Principal board of vocational training
III. Principal board of secondary education
IV. Principal board of the youth policy and extra education
V. Principal board of state accreditation
VI. Principal board of attestation and a personnel policy
VII. Principal board of culture
VIII. Principal board of physical training, sports and tourism
IX. Control and inspection board
X. Principal board of the economic development
XI. Board of accounting and financial control
XII. Board of construction, repair and running of buildings
XIII. Administrative board

Address: Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, 3300, Tiraspol, Mir Street, 27
Phone: 373 553 22229; Fax: 373 533 23497