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Президент Приднестровья

Pridnestrovie Foreign Minister will sign new deals only if Moldova will keep them

If Moldova can't keep its earlier signed agreement then there is no point in signing any new ones. That is the opinion of Pridnestrovie's Foreign Minister,…


OSCE-head in Tiraspol for talks with Transdniestria"s President, Foreign Minister

OSCE chairman-in-office Ilkka Kanerva visited Transdniestria on Thursday for official talks with the unrecognized country's government. In Tiraspol, he met with President Igor Smirnov, Foreign Minister…


Президент Приднестровья

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The system of education

The system of education of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic includes preschool, secondary, further and vocational education, also further training. The single educational zone with CIS countries, the orientation towards educational standards of Russia considering local peculiarities are the priorities in development of the educational system. Educational institutions are supported by the state (10-12% of the state budget a year)Preschool education is represented by 195 nursery schools (in 2000). About 22 500 children go there (43% of the total number of children under the school age). But the demographic crises led to a considerable reduction in the number of kindergartens (by 95 entities as compared with 1992) and the number of children (by 20 000). The number of departmental kindergartens also reduced. 90% of children are taught in Russian,…

Science of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

The new stage of development of science in the region is connected with the formation of a new state – the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.On September 2, 1990 II Extraordinary Congress of deputies of Pridnestrovie proclaimed the formation of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. It was necessary to establish a scientific-educational institution with a view to train specialists in different branches of the economy for the following development of Pridnestrovie. So on September 21, 1990 Tiraspol State Corporative University (now – Pridnestrovian State University named after Shevchenko T.G.) was established according to the resolution of the Supreme Soviet of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.Scientific researches are carried out in laboratories of the university. The Pridnestrovian Center of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, engaged in coordination of researches in the field…

The Pridnestrovian State University

HistoryOn October 1, 1930 the Moldavian Institute of Public Education was established on the basis of the Moldavian State Pedagogical Training College. It was the first higher educational institution in Moldavia.Five chambers and three faculties (mechanics and mathematics, linguistics and agro biology) were functioning there. 123 students and 80 school leavers (preparatory faculty) were trained in Moldavian, Ukrainian and Russian. Twenty teachers graduated from the institute at that time.In 1933 the institute was reorganized into the Moldavian Pedagogical Institute (four years of training). In March, 1939 it was named after the great Ukrainian poet and artist Shevchenko T.G. The geographical faculty was open that year. During the German and Romanian occupation the institute was evacuated to the town of Buguruslan, Orenburg District. Twelve teachers left the town. Many…